The Pre-Launch Schedule

Book Chats is over 2 months old today. We were born March 21, 2019. That is when I bought the domain Back then I decided that our first podcast would come out at midnight on July 9.

That is just 6 weeks from today. I am, finally, beginning to build toward that first podcast dropping on July 9. I picked a date far enough out that I thought I could make, but near enough to scare me into action.

I want to spread the word of Book Chats in the writing community. I am excited and nervous.

The Schedule

The Book Chats Podcast Logo

May 28 – The Blog Submission Guidelines are posted. I will spread these through various Facebook Groups.

June 4 – The first test podcast will go live. I want to work out all of the kinks for getting the podcast with iTunes, Stitcher, and other fine places where podcasts can be found.

June 11 – Another test podcast will go live. I will be pushing subscriptions to the podcast with this test.

June 18 – Another test podcast will drop to verify the subscriptions are working properly.

June 25 – Relax and put out fires if anything is not working. Promote the podcast.

Week of July 2 – I have several guest blog posts lined up ahead of the first “real” podcast coming out on July 9.

July 9 – It begins.


Author: Adam Christiansen

Adam is the host of Book Chats. He is also a husband, father, dog owner, baker, gardener, writer, and Red Cross Blood Ambassador. He is a keen observer of humanity and can often been seen taking notes on the interesting things that people do, like bringing a sailboat into a slip.

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