Episode 005 – Chat With Katja Kaine the Creator of the Novel Factory

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We welcome Katja Kaine to Book Chats. She is the creator of The Novel Factory Software and the author of The Novel Writing Roadmap. If you are a writer and on Facebook, you have probably seen several ads for The Novel Factory. These are great resources for the writer who is a plotter.

The Novel Writing Roadmap can be treated like a writing course and it is a part of the The Novel Factory. As a plotter type, I love the helps that are included in this software package.

There is a trial version for you to test drive.

You can find The Novel Factory software here. (https://www.novel-software.com/ ) and the The Writing Roadmap here (https://www.novel-software.com/novelwritingroadmap).

Twitter – @NovelSoftware
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/NovelFactory

Episode 005 – Chat With Katja Kaine Creator of the Novel Factory


Author: Adam Christiansen

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