Episode 7 – The Three Against the Dark Novel Marketing Experiment

Over the coming months, Book Chats is going to conduct a novel marketing experiment using Three Against the Dark, a middle grade adventure/fantasy written by MK Christiansen, my wife. Three Against the Dark has suffered the fate of many of the well-written self-published books that I have loved over the years. It has sunk under the oblivion of the mass of books available on Amazon, because no one can buy a book they have never heard of or seen. It hasn’t sold a copy in over 5 years.

The World of Top Amazon Customer Reviewers – Observations and a Guide

I learned about the competitive world of Amazon Customer Reviewers a number of weeks ago. Amazon has a complex algorithm to rate the top Customer Reviewers (more info here). Amazon…

The Pre-Launch Schedule

Book Chats is over 2 months old today. We were born March 21, 2019. That is when I bought the domain bookchats.net. Back then I decided that our first podcast would come out at midnight on July 9.

Growing Pains

When you are a start-up business with nothing real to show people, how do you do business? You make it sound good. Or as good as you can when you…

Building a Platform

As I continue consuming information to get Book Chats off the ground, I have come upon a new topic, the author’s platform. The Bookends Literary Agency has a YouTube Channel…