Victoria Sutherland

Episode 8 – An Informative and Educational Chat with Victorian Sutherland, the Publisher of Foreward Reviews

I was in the middle of the “mystery” of the publishing industry. I was utterly out of my depth. It didn’t take me long to figure that out. As you listen to interview, you might be able to sense my ignorance and feel my ignorance. I did not know enough to ask decent questions, but she carried the conversation.

20 Great Cozy Mysteries You Need to Befriend

Cozy Mysteries are one of the most popular genres. Readers can’t get enough of moms, bakers, grannies, and housewives solving a murder or two. Writers churn them out by the thousands each year. Readers devour them.

In the publishing world, I liken the Cozy to the modern sitcom. They are supposed to be fun and should be binged, frequently and often. They should occasionally make you stop and think.

Movie Projector

Ultimate List of Great Books That Made Great Movies

Is there anything more controversial than turning a book into a movie? You are almost guaranteed to lose the super fans of the book in conversion from book form to…

The World of Top Amazon Customer Reviewers – Observations and a Guide

I learned about the competitive world of Amazon Customer Reviewers a number of weeks ago. Amazon has a complex algorithm to rate the top Customer Reviewers (more info here). Amazon…