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Episode 006 – Chat with Michelle DeRusha

Our guest on Book Chats today is Michelle DeRusha. We will be chatting about her difficult choice of leaving the publishing industry after several books. Sometimes the cost of success…

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Writer’s Block and Writing Hygiene

In the medical world, hygiene provides the conditions and practices that make good health possible. By analogy, Writing Hygiene would be the conditions and practices that make good writing possible.

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Episode 005 – Chat With Katja Kaine the Creator of the Novel Factory

We welcome Katja Kaine to Book Chats. She is the creator of The Novel Factory Software and the author of The Novel Writing Roadmap. If you are a writer and…

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My Personal Favorite Middle Grade Novels and Books – Part 1

The Magic of Middle Grade Novels Middle Schoolers are creatures that live half in the world of fairy and half in brutal reality. They are living through a time of…